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  1. Oncidium Orchid Care. The Oncidium family is very large and includes many flower varieties. The most common flower variety is often referred to as the dancing lady. This instruction sheet deals with Oncidium types that have thin leaves, pseudobulbs, and branching sprays with flowers colored in yellow and mahogany..
  2. Oncidium, abbreviated as Onc. in the horticultural trade, is a genus that contains about 330 species of orchids from the subtribe Oncidiinae of the orchid family (Orchidaceae).As presently conceived (May 2014), it is distributed across much of South America, Central America, Mexico and the West Indies, with one species (O. ensatum) extending into Florida..
  3. A Magyar Orchidea Társaság szervezésében a Vajdahunyad várban oncidiumokat is láthatnak a látogatók. Várjuk rendezvényeinken, az orchidea kiállításon és a klubnapoko
  4. Oncidium Culture Sheet on-SID-ee-um This may be every two to 10 days depending on weather, pot size and material, type of orchid and type of potting medium. Plants not actively growing should be watered less; many species have winter rest periods
  5. d that the Oncidium is a medium-light orchid, while your Phal is a low-light orchid. Place your Oncidium a bit closer to the window than you would a Phal. Grow your oncidium in a bright east, south, or west-facing.

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5 Live Orchid Plants (Cattleya, Oncidium, Dendrobium, Vanda, and Phalaenopsis ) Premium Beautiful Orchids - Angel's Orchids 4.3 out of 5 stars 258 $46.99 $ 46 . 9 Oncidium Altissimum Orchid, Long Leaves bulbs Golden shower Dancing Lady. $17.99 +$14.90 shipping. Make Offer - Oncidium Altissimum Orchid, Long Leaves bulbs Golden shower Dancing Lady. Psygmorchis pusilla ~ Blooming Size Orchid Species Mini Oncidium Type. $18.50 +$10.00 shipping L'orchidée oncidium fleurit, en grappe assez spectaculaires, pouvant atteindre plusieurs centaines de fleurs. Leur couleur est en général jaune et brun, mais il en existe aussi des oncidiums roses ou blancs.Cette orchidée épiphyte est originaire d'Amérique centrale et tropicale.Elle pousse du niveau de la mer jusqu'à 3 000 m d'altitud North of England Orchid Society - An introduction to oncidium orchid culture... ONCIDIUM ORCHIDS Are a very large genus which grow naturally throughout the tropical zones of the American Continent and Caribbean. Often referred to as Dancing Lady Orchids, because of the similarity to some of their flowers to a Latin American dancer

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Verzorging Oncidium. Licht: Zet de Oncidium op een lichte plaats, maar niet in direct zonlicht. Temperatuur: De Oncidium houdt van een gematigde tot warme omgeving. Water: Een orchidee mag niet te nat staan. Eén waterbeurt in de zeven tot negen dagen is voldoende. Geef de Oncidium pas weer water als de aarde bijna droog is Custom Orders Orchid Supplies Fertilizer and Potting Mix Gift Cards FAQs General FAQ Shipping and Ordering FAQ Orchid Care About Hours and Location Contact. Oncidium and Intergeneric Allies. Featured. Oncidium. species, good for mounting, yellow, seed, March. Oncidium ampliatum. Oncidium

Orchid Oncidium Twinkle White-Light Pink (FS) £13.04. Notify Me. Product details. Orchid Oncidium Yi-Ying Shiny Gold (NFS) £6.02. Product details. Orchid Oncidopsis (Burrageara) Nelly Isler (M) £5.02. Product details. Orchid Psygmorchis (Oncidium) pusilla (FS, RK) £9.03. Product details. Member Area. Username. Password COMMENT ENTRETENIR L'ORCHIDEE ONCIDIUM Chaleur et lumière : Placez l'orchidée oncidium dans votre intérieur (16-20° C), devant une fenêtre bien exposée, à moins d'un mètre, pour qu'elle profite au maximum du peu de lumière disponible en hiver. En été, tamisez par un voilage. Arrosage : Abondant, à l'eau non calcaire, le matin, une fois par semaine

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Hailing from tropical America, the genus Oncidium belongs to the family Orchidaceae. The 650-odd species in the genus are epiphytic, lithophytic, and terrestrial multi-stemmed orchids Orchidea Oncidium Anche se ogni specie presenta differenze specifiche, la caratteristica comune degli Oncidium è che prediligono gli ambienti con un'ampia ventilazione, che è importantissima. Essa non deve mai portare. My orchids, my environment and my rules... This is NOT my typical video but a viewer requested this particular subject. So here it is guys, I hope you like i.. Start growing Oncidium orchids by choosing the right rooting mix. An all-purpose orchid medium with small amounts of sphagnum moss and perlite and mixed with chopped pine or fir bark gives the right amount of drainage and aeration to the orchid's roots. Oncidium grows rather quickly, and may need to be repotted every other year Oncidium - Orchidea ballerina (Kimon Berlin CC BY-SA 2.0) Al genere Oncidium appartengono centinaia e centinaia di specie dall'eleganza impeccabile. Abbiamo più volte sottolineato la bellezza delle Orchidee, ma non possiamo limitarci, sopratutto questa volta, a descrivere le specie appartenenti a questo numeroso genere come semplici piante.

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Oncidium was first described by O. Swartz in 1800 in Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapakademiens Avhandlingar. The name is derived from the Greek word onkos (for mass or pad). The genus is not only one of the largest and most popular cultivated orchid genera, it is also a conglomeration of considerably distinct species that have given taxonomists. Beschreibung. Die Oncidium-Arten wachsen sympodial: An einem Rhizom stehen Sprosse mit jeweils begrenztem Wachstum. Die Sprossachse ist zu Pseudobulben verdickt. Diese sind grün, oval und häufig seitlich zusammengedrückt. Unterhalb der Pseudobulben stehen Niederblätter, deren oberste laubblattartig ausgebildet sind.An der Spitze der Pseudobulben stehen ein bis zwei, selten drei Laubblätter Since the Chocolate Orchid is a hybrid plant, it can grow well in a variety of temperatures during the day. The ideal temperature to grow Chocolate Orchids is between 75-85 Fahrenheit, but they can tolerate warmer temperatures up to the low 90s The Oncidium (on-SID-ee-um), also called dancing lady, is a large and diverse species. The Psychopsis orchid (a member of the Oncidium family) has the distinction of reputedly inciting Orchideliurm, the orchid craze that swept across Europe during the Victorian er

Oncidium Arten, die in Räumen gehalten werden, erzeugen in der Regel eiförmige Pseudobulben, an dessen Scheitel zwei recht große Blätter wachsen. Wer sich eine Orchidee der Gattung Oncidium anschaffen möchte, der sollte zuvor auf jeden Fall abklären, welche Temperaturbedingungen die Pflanze zum Gedeihen benötigt Ahogy a korábbi bejegyzésemben ígértem, most egy másik orchidea, egy oncidium átültetésének bemutatóját hozom. Bár felépítését tekintve nem hasonlít a phalaenopsishoz, az átültetése alapjában véve megegyezik vele, ugyanazok az eszközök szükségesek hozzá, illetve ugyanazt a körültekintést és munkafolyamatot igényli Oncidium är en lättskött orkidé som kan blomma alla tider på året. I naturen är den epifytisk (trädlevande). Placering Oncidium vill ha all tillgänglig sol från september till mars och ljust men ej brännande under resten av året. Den är varm växande, trivs vid en temperatur 17-25° och passar väl i boningsrum. Står gärna ute [

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L'Oncidium è un'orchidea che si adatta bene alle temperature casalinghe. Intatti per la sua coltivazione la temperatura ideale deve essere compresa tra i 13 e i 15°C di minima notturna e i 18-24°C di giorno. ESPOSIZIONE: Per ottenere fioriture abbondanti si deve garantire luce molto abbondante, ma non diretta Oncidium, abbreviated as Onc. in the horticultural trade,[2] is a genus that contains about 330 species of orchids from the subtribe Oncidiinae of the orchid family (Orchidaceae). Oncidiums are known often as the dancing lady orchid because, as you can see, the flowers resemble dancing ladie The Oncidium orchid is one of my favorite types! Many produce long, brached sprays of hundreds of flowers. Many are yellow orchids, others are primarily white orchids, and some come in other colors too. Onc. lindleyi. Light Oncidium s like a intermediate-to-high lighting. It varies a bit with the particular type of oncidium

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Oncidium, abbreviated as Onc. in the horticultural trade, is a genus that contains about 330 species of orchids from the subtribe Oncidiinae of the orchid family Nov 12, 2013 - Explore OrchidPlantCare.info's board Oncidium Orchids, followed by 345 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Oncidium orchids, Oncidium, Orchids Oncidium Orchid. Scientific name: Oncidium orchid Common name: Dancing Lady Orchid, Golden Rain Orchid Origin: Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil, up to Florida. Orchid type : Epiphyte; Flowering: Spring.Hybrids can flourish up to three times in a year; Location: Intense lighting.It can be outdoors, in a place protected from the su Jones' Oncidium is native to Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Originally this epiphytic orchid was found in northern Paraguay, about 97 km south of Río Apa. Currently, it is known about its occurrence in Brazil in the savannahs in the states of Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Usually they are found on trees growing along streams. The Association orchid of São Paulo reports (1977. Oncidium. Refine by No filters applied Browse by Price, Rating & more Hide Filters Show Filters Price Orchid Magnets; Info Physical Address: 11-3051 Volcano Road Volcano, HI 96785 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 220 Volcano, HI 96785 Call us at 808-967-823

The Oncidium orchid genus, often abbreviated to just Onc, belongs to the angiosperm family Orchidaceae.Around 300 gorgeous species fall under this plentiful genus. Common names for these orchids include Dancing Lady or Golden Shower orchid, aptly named for their yellow-brown to golden dress-like petal arrangements Oncidium twinkle: cura e coltivazione. È stata la prima orchidea seria che ho preso, 16€ per un vasino da 10 cm. Come al solito l'ho messa subito in un vaso trasparente per vedere le radici, all'epoca ero ancora avara di innaffiature, e ho fatto più di un morto di sete Descrizione. La pianta di Orchidea Oncidium Rosy Sunset, originaria delle zone tropicali dell'America Centrale e Meridionale, è chiamata anche Orchidea tigre per il colore ricco di sfumature dei suoi fiori, il colore predominante è il rosa Oncidium (on-SID-ee-um) This is a large and diverse orchid genus with an equally diverse number of growing habitats. Oncidiums may be found growing anywhere from sea level in the tropics to the high elevations of the Andes. This obviously makes cultural generalizations a little more difficult. The Oncidium alliance is very popular among orchid. Eikenhoff Orchid nursery specialises in exotic orchid plants and is co-owned by Debra and Pierre Martheze. We regularly select plants of superior breeding and cultivate and breed our own varieties as well as import plants from all over the world. We have large variety of Ansellia, Cymbidiums, Miltoniopsis, Oncidium Alliance and many other orchid varieties. We are situated in Stanford,

Oncidium. The classical Oncidium flowers resemble dancing doll dresses. But some species have rather alien-looking flowers. For instance, Brassia species bear spider-looking flowers (because they are pollinated by spider wasps, who mistake them for actual spiders) and Psychopsis blooms with butterfly-looking flowers, which even have something resembling butterfly head and eyes Oncidiums are a delight to grow especially for those who have limited space. They have flowers that come predominantly in the yellow-brown range but of late with a lot of intergenic coming into the market, it is easy to acquire almost any colour.

Le migliori offerte per Oncidium Nero White Moon XL Pianta Luccicante Aufgebunden Orchidea Tolumnia sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis A lepkekosbor (Oncidium) az egyszikűek (Liliopsida) osztályának spárgavirágúak (Asparagales) rendjébe, ezen belül a kosborfélék (Orchidaceae) családjába tartozó nemzetség.. Rendszerezés. A nemzetségbe az alábbi 317 faj és 25 hibrid tartozik: . Oncidium abortivoides M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams, Lindleyana 21(3): 22 (2008); Oncidium abortivum Rchb.f., Linnaea 22: 847 (1850 Sep 21, 2013 - Explore Vania's board Oncidium Orchids on Pinterest. See more ideas about Oncidium orchids, Oncidium, Orchids

Oncidium orchids (warm section) Oncidiums (dancing ladies or butterfly orchid) are popular indoor and florist orchids for one very good reason: huge sprays of flowers often sag with dozens of individual blooms. Most species generally flower in autumn although modern hybrids flower all year round Le migliori offerte per Oncidium Jack Dolce Cherries New Profumo a fioritura piena Pianta Orchidea sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis The Oncidium grows wild in the jungles of Central and South America. In the wild Oncidium can be found on trees and in rock crevices. It occurs both at the coast and in the mountains. The Oncidium is also called the Tiger Orchid. The flower is available year-round from well-stocked garden centres and florists Oncidium kramerianum Oncidium papillio. Pour ce groupe d'orchidée oncidium, il ne faut pas laisser le substrat se dessécher.A arroser et vaporiser régulièrement toute l'année. 2eme groupe: les Oncidium à pseudo bulbes allongées en forme de poire. Oncidium flexuosum Oncidium Longipe Ben je op zoek naar bijzondere orchideeën dan ben je bij orchidz.nl aan het juiste adres. Met meer dan 35 jaar ervaring in het kweken en kruisen van orchideeën worden de planten met veel liefde en deskundigheid verzorgd. Op onze webshop vind je een ruim assortiment aan orchideeën. Wij zullen ons assortiment ook blijven uitbreiden. Naast orchideeën, verkopen wij ook alle hulpmiddelen voor.

Oncidium - Orchidee - Tecniche di coltivazione e principali specie dell'Orchidea Oncidium. Home => Piante e fiori => Le nostre orchidee => Principali specie => Oncidium => Principali specie. LE NOSTRE AMICHE ORCHIDEE ONCIDIUM Principali specie Pagine 1. Oncidium Pupukea - Guti Pirike. Szerző: Magyar Orchidea Társaság | jún 23, 2018 | Nincsenek hozzászólások. A honlap névjegye. A Magyar Orchidea Társaság hivatalos weboldala. Köszöntjük az orchidea-barát látogatókat! Várjuk Önöket programjainkon és Társaságunk köreiben! Szeretettel várjuk új Tagok jelentkezését oncidium orchidea. Kategória: Saját. Feltöltötte: Zsiga Bernadett | 8 éve. Látta 542 ember. Értékeld! Kommentáld! Ez egy válasz üzenetére. mégsem. Hozzászólások. Mester János üzente 4 éve. Kedves Adrienn! Korábban előfordult, hogy a fürdőszobában, a zuhanyzótálcában permeteztem. Aztán rácsuktam az ajtót az. Orchid, Oncidium Growing Instructions Grow oncidium orchids in a medium or bright spot. In Northern areas, they can handle some direct sun on their leaves, but in Southern climates where the summer sun is more intense, it's helpful to diffuse direct sun with a sheer curtain Oncidium orchidea. Sono note diverse varietà, cui tre le più coltivate e apprezzate: la O.cheirophorum è una vera miniatura con una profusione di fiori giallo brillante e capace di crescere in vasi di soli 10 cm di diametro; la O.flexuosum cresce rapidamente ed è ideale nei cesti per orchidee su corteccia. I numerosi racemi di fiori gialli.

Ma már előrecsomagolt orchidea földeket is kapni, de ezek között előfordul olyan, melyet még fakéreggel kell lazítani, mert viszonylag tömör, nem minden orchidea gyökere tud megfelelően szellőzni benne. Általános virágföld használata tilos, mert túl tömör, a gyökerek nem jutnak levegőhöz és elrothadnak benne, a. Mounted Orchid - Psygmorchis pusilla - Miniature oncidium orchid - wood fern - - live house indoor plants -gifts for her- orchid pot BloomifyTech. From shop BloomifyTech. 5 out of 5 stars (523) 523 reviews $ 12.00. Favorite Add to IN SPIKE right now! Orchid Oncidium Onc Trovo che gli Oncidium siano tra le orchidee più affascinanti ma ho da sempre il timore di non avere in casa un posto con sufficiente luce e differenza di temperatura giorno/notte e estate/inverno per queste piante dalle fioriture spettacolari, così non mi sono mai azzardata a comprarne tranne che questa povera orchidea giaceva moribonda nell'angolo delle occasioni dell'IKEA e ho voluto. Oncidium Orchid Care. Generally speaking they are an easy care and hardy variety and will survive in less than ideal conditions. Many are hybrids within the Oncidium Alliance and will include crosses with Miltonia and Ondotoglossum, some of these require slightly different care especially relating to temperature Orchidea oncidium: Malattie e parassiti. Purtroppo la grande bellezza delle orchidee si accompagna ad una pari delicatezza di queste affascinanti piante: esse possono divenire molto facilmente preda di malattie e di parassiti, che in breve tempo possono condurre la piantina alla morte

Le orchidee oncidium devono il loro nome alla parola greca onkos (tumore), in riferimento al labello solitamente di forma rigonfiata. Appartenente alla famiglia delle Orchidaceae, il genere oncidium è costituito di un numero sterminato di esemplari diversi, ciascuno con un proprio particolare habitat, in relazione al quale varia la tecnica colturale Welcome to the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia. 23,168!species in 872 genera. SITE LAST UPDATED 8/31/20 This Site Dedicated to Orchid Lovers Everywhere! HI ALL! I AM STILL [7/24/20] IN QUARENTINE IN COLOMBIA SINCE 3/3/2020 AFTER COMING DOWN FROM A RESERVE ON AN ORCHID ADVENTURE! SAFE, HAPPY AND WORKING TO IMPROVE THE SITE

Oncidium es el género de orquídeas también llamado de la dama danzante ya que cualquier pequeña brisa mueve sus flores como en un baile, y su labelo que se asemeja a una bailarina. Contiene alrededor de 330 especies de orquídeas de la subfamilia Epidendroideae.Este es un género difícil y complejo en el que muchas especies están reclasificadas, lo que a la larga seguramente conducirá a. This orchid may occur in terrestrial habitats of rich humus in relatively dry hammocks, or as epiphytes at the base of cypress trees in wet forests. Oncidium ensatum is apparently secure across its range but considered endangered in Florida where some populations have been extirpated due to changes in hydrology, illegal collection, and habitat. The Oncidium family is very large and includes many flower varieties. The most common flower variety is often referred to as the dancing lady. This instruction sheet deals with Oncidium types that have thin leaves, pseudobulbs, and branching sprays with flowers colored in yellow and mahogany.. Light and Shade - Grow in bright diffused light; east or west windows are ideal If lots of long-lasting blooms are your goal, then Phalaenopsis is a satisfying orchid to grow . Cattleya, oncidium and dendrobium usually bloom once or maybe twice per year with spectacular blooms that last a month or two. 5) Natural Stimuli

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Shop our orchids and orchids supplies. Now Offering FREE Shipping on all orders $75.00 or More. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been advised by the Post Office that all shipments are delayed and take 2-3 times longer than expected, so we have adjusted our shipping day to Monday only, with Express 1-day shipping as an exception Common name Cambria-type orchid Botanical name Oncidium Group Houseplant or greenhouse plant Flowering time Variable, but most flower in autumn to winter, or late spring Planting time Re-pot after flowering in February to April or September to October Height and spread 30cm-1.2m (1-4ft) by 20-30cm (8in-1ft) Aspect Bright but filtered light in summer; bright light in winte The Oncidium group of orchids is a very large and diverse group with many intergeneric hybrids. Cultural conditions for various type can be from cool to warm growing. Most varieties require intermediate conditions and are very vigorous and prolific blooming Oncidium Heaven Scent is the next generation on from the old favourite Oncidium Sharry Baby, which smells like chocolate. What makes Oncidium Heaven Scent a much better plant over its parent Oncidium Sharry Baby is the shorter more compact spike habit and the higher density of flowers

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New York, NY, 10019, United States. 212-247-5038 orchidman@orchidmannyc.co Statistics. The Plant List includes 1,201 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Oncidium.Of these 324 are accepted species names. The Plant List includes a further 216 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Oncidium.We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. These are primarily included because names of species rank are. Z-11614 Oncidium sphacelatum 'Jungle King' - 6 inch pot. Blooming size. Usually blooms Feb-April. Flowers are about 1 inch wide. Gets very long-tall spikes of many small yellow-brown flowers. Very impressive display when grown to speciman size. From Mexico.- Nel centro storico di Varese, nasce per passione l'azienda agricola VaresinaOrchidee specializzata nella coltivazione e vendita di orchidee tropicali botaniche e ibride provenienti da tutto il mondo e con un ricco assortimento di materiali per la coltivazione

× Cambria is a commercial name for intergeneric hybrids among the following genera of orchids of the family Orchidaceae, subfamily Epidendroideae, tribe Cymbidieae and subtribe Oncidiinae: . Odontoglossum, Kunth 1816; Oncidium, Sw.; Miltonia, Lindl. 1837; Cochlioda, Lindl. 1853; Brassia, R. Br. 1813; The first orchid hybrid among Odontoglossum crispum x Miltonia x Cochlioda noetzliana was. Oncidium orchids are one of the most diverse and oldest types of orchids in the world. They were once described as difficult and temperamental. Nowadays, they have been cultivated anywhere where the temperature is moderate and cool. They are actually easy to grow (if you know what to do) and produce flowers that are very [ Oncidium Orchid Care. Oncidiums prefer bright indirect light. Use the color of their leaves for indication of proper lighting. The leaves should be light green as opposed to dark green (too little light) or reddish green (too much light). Most Oncidiums prefer temperatures between 55 degrees and 95 degrees Oncidium cebolleta (orquídea, rattail orchid) Cebolleta means little scallions (green onions), which the plants resemble. This is probably one of its common names somewhere in its large range, but it is not used in Sonora. Pencil-thick or thicker, rigid, terete, succulent leaves less than a foot long arise from tiny pseudobulbs on a creeping. CALL Greenhouse (772) 467-1386, Cell (772) 267-9459 Email: odomsorchids@comcast.net Greenhouse hours: Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-2. Closed Sundays and major holidays


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Oncidium is een geslacht met ongeveer 325 soorten verspreid door het noorden van Mexico, de Caraïben en in het zuiden van Florida tot Zuid-Amerika . Het zijn voornamelijk epifyten, maar soms ook lithofyten of terrestriale planten. Ze bestaan uit lange, platte pseudobulben die één of twee bladeren dragen Oncidium orchidea Gli Oncidium comprendono circa 600 specie distribuite dall'America tropicale fino al Brasile, pertanto, il notevole numero di specie e la loro distribuzione in ambienti differenti comporta non poche difficoltà nell'identificazione delle loro esigenze colturali Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Redolence' Blooming size, 3.5 pot, $35 Fragrant To order please call 630-904-0947 or email your order, shipping address and your phone number to natt@nattsorchids.co

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Oncidium Orchid in the horticultural trade is a genus that contains about 330 species of. Oncidium orchid flowers. Oncidium orchid Oncidium 'Tiger Hamburhen'. Hybrid between Oncidium tigrinum and Oncidium goldrausch. Oncidium Yellow brown Orchid flower. In bloom in spring Never stand your orchid in water. Ideally fill a saucer with pebbles to lift the plant away from excess water. This will also create a humidity tray that can raise the humidity around your orchid a little. Oncidium orchids do not require abundant water, an average of once per week (less in Winter and when in flower) is usually sufficient #88907845 - Yellow oncidium orchid branch in the garden for decoration and.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #49745020 - A vector illustration of orchid icon sets. Vector. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #76820751 - oncidium orchid flowers or dancing lady orchid. Similar Images.

Oncidium Orchid: While the size of the plants and the requirements for care vary greatly, most Oncidium orchids are epiphytic. Since they prefer to have their roots exposed to the air, let the roots hang over the edge of the pot. On some species, the flower sprays are over ten feet long. The long-lasting flowers are usually shades of yellow and. Oncidium é um gênero de orquídeas largamente distribuídas do México ao sul da América do Sul.Chuva-de-ouro é um dos nomes popularmente utilizados no Brasil para designar um grande grupo de espécies de orquídeas, outrora pertencentes ao gênero e diversos outros gêneros de flores semelhantes Find 120mm Butterfly Orchid - Oncidium 'Dancing Lady' at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products

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Campsis RADICANS 'FLAVA' ('YELLOW TRUMPET')Rhus TYPHINARose rosse: il loro significato e creazione mazziMetrosideros | Pianta della Nuova Zelanda detta PohutakawaHydrangea PETIOLARIS = ANOMALA SSP

oncidium orchidea. Kategória: Hobbi, játék. Feltöltötte: Mester János | 1 éve. Látta 731 ember. Értékeld! Kommentáld! Ez egy válasz üzenetére. mégsem. Hozzászólások. Kép feltöltése. Közösségben Mindenben. Ez történt a közösségben: Mester János írta 3 hete a(z) Beteg orchideák fórumtémában We are a family run nursery, orchid specialists for over 70 years with the widest range of orchids in UK. You can visit our nursery and we always have a colourful show of orchids in bloom all year round in our shop and you can wander around our nursery's growing houses Oncidium sphacelatum is an epiphytic orchid from the genus Oncidium. Contents[show] Description Plants blooms in the spring with several 2.5 cm wide flowers. Flowers are fragrant. Distribution Plants are found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Venezuela at elevations below 1000 meters Culture Grow in intermediate to warm conditions with moderate to. Oncidium sp. Family: Orchidaceae Oncidium Orchid. Most populr orchidss from the 600 or so species in existance come from the tropics of the Americas, but there are a few which grow in the higher elevations, and therefore require cooler conditions, hybrids are more tolerant than the species, as in most plants Oncidium are referred to as the Dancing Lady orchid,and spray orchids among some florists. They are very varied and are easily hybridised with Odontoglossum. There are hundreds of thousands of excellent hybrids in the Oncidium alliance.Most species in the Oncidium genus are epiphytes, although some are lithophytes or terrestrials. They are widespread from northern Mexico, the Caribbean, and. This is an orchid that we have had for many many years. The pseudo bulbs are very large and firm. These are divisions of that plant and each of them have new growth. The picture is this plant in the past when it bloomed. The bloom spikes are very long with many blooms on it. The name is now Oncidium Parents are Onc wydleri x Onc. Acemanda: 6 pot

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